Proton Dominated Infinity

an alternative to the Big Bang Theory




Proton Dominated Infinity is a new hypothesis of the Universe which is in clear contrast to the Big Bang Theory. Here are the main differences.


First, "Dark Matter" is really an overabundance of protons that weakly accumulate spherically due to gravity around neutrally charged stars and galaxies. The proton accumulations therefore emit a highly uniform black body radiation based on their temperature  ...  proposed to be 2.73K.  These proton accumulations are therefore the true source of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).


Second, there is no "Dark Energy" as the relationship between red-shift and distance to remote galaxies is caused by the natural redshift of light through the homogeneous field of cold protons over astronomical distances ... a form of an idea known as "Tired Light".


Third, time is infinite in both the forward and reverse modes.  This provides enough time to produce all of the elements we currently observe in the universe via stellar processes, supernovae etc.


A presentation has been developed to present the hypothesis in its entirety. It begins by describing the Big Bang Theory and its shortcomings, followed by a listing of the criteria necessary for a new theory to meet. Proton Dominated Infinity is then described in detail how it elegantly explains the current set of observations.


The goal of this home page is to present this new hypotheis for discussion, revision and/or eventual contradiction via evidence.  So please write your thoughts or suggestions in the Log book.  I will be happy to modify the hypothesis's tenets and the Presentation if your arguments are compelling.


Finally, if anyone can provide the death blow ... the currently elusive contradictory evidence ... I will be happy to praise the clever person with full recognition, and to do so with a smile ... for I will have learned in the process.


Stuart West


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